Video: Kick-Flipping Chevy Sonics with Rob Dyrdek

TV shows, skateboarding and death-defying stunts are all part of Rob Dyrdek’s repertoire.

Kick-flipping a Chevy Sonic over a gigantic skateboard? Yep, that's Rob Dyrdek. The skater-entrepreneur teamed up with Chevrolet for some cross-promotional publicity the other day, flipping the Sonic a full 360 degrees.

The stunt was filmed for the season premiere of his show on MTV, Fantasy Factory. Rob Dyrdek isn't a 'teenage dirtbag' driving an IROC-Z, however he did look pretty gnarly driving the all-new Chevrolet after his stunt. The deck is billed as the 'world's largest skateboard' and he clears the entirety of it, sticking the landing pretty well. The margin for error, needless to say, is pretty slim here. The stunt was performed last Friday at Six Flags Amusement Park of California.

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