Video: Koenigsegg Agera Crash Test

If NCAP used the requisite number of cars to crash test the Agera, the bill would be north of $30 million.

Courtesy of National Geographic's Megafactories series, this short video shows the Koenigsegg Agera being put through a series of crash tests as part of the car's development process.

What's interesting is that where NCAP would normally go through a minimum of 26 cars for an average test, for the super-expensive supercar, only one was used. From the tests the Agera appears to be impressively resilient. First it takes an 80kph hit at the rear then it gets a 54kph smack on the side before suffering a head on collision. Each time the $1.4 million hypercar survives pretty much unscathed. which is great, but who's going to be driving a car, capable of 245mph, at such ludicrously low speeds?

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