Video: Koenigsegg CCXF vs. Supercharged Dodge Viper

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More drag racing from DragTimes, this time featuring a Koenigsegg vs. a Viper.

Most of you think the Koenigsegg would win this one hands down, right? How could a Dodge Viper SRT10 even give the Koenigsegg a run for its money? The 1,098hp Koenigsegg has so much power that spinning its tires trying to gain traction gave it a pretty slow start. This allowed the Viper to gain a big early lead. The 8.4-liter V10 Viper boasts a Paxton supercharger and 600hp, which is no small output. The Koenigsegg also weighs 600lbs less.

After the launch out of the gate, the two duel head-to-head and fly down the track. Does the Viper pull out the upset win or does the Koenigsegg make use of its crazy horsepower and lightweight design? Take a look to find out.

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