Video: KTM X-Bow Gets Covered, Techno Music

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Two videos have been released showing the KTM X-Bow covered with a roof for the first time.

Austrian company KTM has gotten a serious case of Lancia Stratos-envy and added a roof to their X-Bow supercar. Italian company Montenergy has fitted the KTM a hood that will keep you warm in the cold Austrian Alps (or wherever they are running their motorbike-inspired car). The new roof sits on the KTM's carbon-fiber body and they have dubbed it the Stratosferica (after the Stratos, of course). Two versions of the hooded race car will be offered.

First, a plain canopy covering titled the Monte Carlo is availbable. Second, a more costly $17,300 full conversion package is on offer.

KTM used an Audi-sourced TFSI diesel 4-cylinder 237hp in their track ready X-Bow. An engine upgrade will be offered by Montenergy that will pump up the power to 210hp. Check out the videos to see the newly-covered X-Bow doing its thing in the mountains.

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