Video: Lexus IS-F Crushed for Illegal Street Racing

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Politicians have decided that crushing cars is the best option for tackling street racing, whilst in the UK a similar approach is being taken against uninsured drivers.

The practice of crushing cars in the state of California started back in 2007 when a Honda Civic was sent to the crusher after being impounded for street racing.

A similar fate has befallen this red IS-F and readers of a nervous disposition that wince at the sight of a scratched paintjob are urged to open the video link with caution. As car lovers, selling the confiscated car and putting the money back into the community is undoubtedly a more sensible course of action, but hey, we're talking about politicians here. We're not alone, however, as our British friends are taking similar action. In Merseyside, cars that are found untaxed or uninsured are rounded up and the owners contacted. They then have two choices: claim their car and be arrested, or leave it to be crushed.

This plan is also hoped to be implemented in London in the coming months where the Mayor asserts: "tax and insure your car or you'll get it back as a small cube from the crusher with love."

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