Video: Life and Death Moment on the Russian Motorway

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A life-threatening moment ensues when a jackknifing truck comes barreling down the road straight at a pair of Russians.

There are several kinds of lucky. They range from awesome-lucky in terms of meeting a total babe at a party to legendary-lucky like barely catching a game-winning touchdown pass in a high school playoff game to perfect timing-lucky like being a life-long Los Angeles Clippers fan and now finally having a team worth rooting for (will you ever get tired of hearing "Chris Paul throws the ball down court to Blake Griffin for an alley-oop!)"? There is, however, another kind of lucky that stands above them all.

It is the type of lucky where all you can think of is "I'm about to die and can't move so please (insert higher deity of choice here) help me!" This would be the latter.

The subjects driving the car have their view completely obstructed by a big-rig right in front of them. It slows down presumably to avoid the oncoming big-rig, which has lost total control. The oncoming truck jackknifes down the road and misses the car by inches. Truly incredible stuff from Mother Russia.

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