Video: London Cyclist Lives Life on the Edge

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Taxi drivers try to ram them off the road, while bus drivers want them dead. UK cyclists have a tough time of it.

It takes a brave man to cycle around London. Not because the roads are peppered with pot holes, nor because of a lack of cycle lanes. It's simply down to this: at the mere sight of cyclists, with their funny hats, flashing reflector lights and tight shorts, drivers of motorized vehicles, and especially buses and taxis, can lose the plot. Cyclists are cut up, driven through as if they were invisible, and in some cases, stopped completely in their tracks so they can be showered in abuse.

What the self-made video shows is how one guy, an experienced cyclist, copes with having to share roads with drivers that want him dead, or at the very least maimed and disfigured.

It's no laughing matter by the way as over the past few years, around 15 cyclists a year have died on London roads. This may not sound a lot, but it's infinitely more than Paris where that number is zero. Outside London, UK cyclists are just as despised. Just this month a bus driver from Bristol was sentenced to 17 months in jail for using his bus as 'a weapon' against a cyclist. Incensed by his mere presence on the road, the driver lurched the bus into the cyclist's path, throwing him from his bike and leaving him with a fractured wrist, leg, and thumb. Now that's some serious road rage.

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