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Video: Lotus Driver in Australia is a Hard Yakka

Close calls on the Aussie track lead to some tense moments for this Mazda driver.

During the running of the Island Magic Enduro 2011 race, a Lotus Exige GT3 driver became a bit impatient while trying to chase down the leader and decided to thread the needle between a Porsche Boxster and a Mazda MX5.

You can even hear the Lotus clip the #66 Mazda MX-5 racer around the 30-second mark. Pretty harrowing stuff. The Class E racers were seen from the #66 car's onboard cam. Bart Mawer was piloting the Lotus Exige GT3 and he was going about 152 miles when he made this incredibly unsafe pass. For the Lotus view, check out the clip below.

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