Video: Matt Farah Behind the Wheel of Art Morrison's 1960 'Vette

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Ever wanted to know what heaven sounds like? The exhaust note from this 1960 Corvette may be the answer.

A few years ago, a guy named Art Morrison brought his customized 1960 Corvette to the SEMA show in Las Vegas. He ended up walking away with the Gran Turismo Award which guaranteed that his car would be featured in PlayStation's GT5 the following year. And now, The Car Show host Matt Farah is seen in this video driving the car itself. At first, he's "driving" the car in the video game, but he soon finds himself behind the wheel of the real thing.

The Art Morrison 3G Corvette is powered by a 427 V8 with 538hp and mated to a Dodge Viper transmission and weighs just 2,850 pounds. And it has perfect 50-50 weight distribution. We're speechless. Morrison began with a 1960 Corvette and check out the video to see the finished result. The sound alone is simply breathtaking.

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