Video: Matt Farah Checks Out the Blastolene DecoLiner

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In order to build the best automotive custom creations, time and patience is the key.

The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah has recently taken a visit to one of the world's greatest living hot rodders, Randy Grubb. His company, called Blastolene, is the creator of Jay Leno's infamous "Tank Car." Randy is a literally a one-man show, doing all of the work by himself. Farah got the chance to check out Grubb's latest creation, called the DecoLiner, in this new video. According Grubb, he's put in some 5,000 working hours to create this fully functional flybridge motorhome entirely from scratch.

The attention to detail is incredible and it's great to hear Grubb explain how much time he takes for every project. In a world where everything is rushed, it's good to know there's at least one guy out there taking his time to create true automotive art.

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