Video: Matt Farah Drives 'Veyron Killing' Nissan GT-R by Switzer

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This is not only one of the finest Nissan GT-Rs around, but one of the finest tuned cars, period.

Back in 2009, this Nissan GT-R developed 485hp. Now it has 834hp - at the wheels. The award winning Switzer GT-R recently won the Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack Runway Tuner Shootout that took place at the Trona Airport in the Californian desert, which featured 80 tuned cars from across the globe. Matt Farah was there to cover the event, and is back to test drive this visceral, monstrous, hard-shifting GT-R and discover how this much power was squeezed out of a 6-cylinder engine.

If you're still not convinced, then bear this in mind: A Bugatti Veyron will run a quarter-mile in 10.2 seconds at about 135mph. This beast manages it in 9.7 seconds at 147mph. It's also fully loaded inside, with a leather cabin, comfortable seats, a/c and a decent stereo.

Head to the 8-minute mark to see the car shift from a 40kmh roll using a full boost. Farah's reaction is priceless. Have no doubt about it: the Switzer E900 GT-R is the ultimate sleeper car.

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