Video: Matt Farah Takes the Corvette ZR1 to the Mojave Mile

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Spend a day with the Corvette ZR1 at the Mojave Mile. Yeah, definitely better than your typical work day.

The Smoking Tire host Matt Farah has just released this new video of him having a little fun with the Corvette ZR1. Taking one to the Mojave Mile strip in Southern California, Farah finds he's unable to get the ZR1 to 180mph. The track announcer kindly (or annoyingly) informs him that he's even getting beaten by a stock Nissan GT-R. Stuck at 176mph, Farah enlists some help in the attempt to modify the ZR1, hoping that his 200mph goal can still be attained.

After removing the windshield wipers, tucking in the side mirrors, adding tape, and down a half a tank of gas, he still finds it hard to make his goal. By the end, however, Farah does have some words of wisdom that are important for any ZR1 fan. And if you're not a fan...listen anyway because he explains why the car is still such an incredible thing.

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