Video: MechaGodzilla Roars; Official Photos of the Juke-R Released


The Juke-R aka MechaGodzilla shows off its 480hp scream and comes with accompanying official photos.

The Nissan Juke/GT-R hybrid, dubbed the Juke-R or MechaGodzilla, has finally been heard roaring for the first time. The Japanese automaker has released the first official photos of what the completed model will look like, blacked-out for a stealth style that beguiles its true intentions of destroying the road and lurking as the ultimate sleeper dragster. The hood of the Juke-R features some vents that allow the GT-R's infamous 480hp 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine to breathe a bit.

Massive wheel arches and side skirts attempt to cover its Rays alloy 20-inch wheels. A big wing on the rear appears something akin to MechaGodzilla's sharp point on the top of his ferocious head.

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The interior features a roll-cage and a pair of bucket seats, along with a 7-inch touch screen and plenty of racing features. Those include a steering wheel, dials and pedals. Nissan's street-legal Juke-R concept will be built in both left-hand-drive and right-hand-drive configurations. It will begin testing later this month.