Video: Mercedes-Benz 6D-Vision for the Future

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Mercedes has developed an incredible new safety system for entry into the German Future Prize.

The German Future Prize is awarded to those that make significant breakthroughs in science and innovation within Germany. Daimler has been nominated for the prestigious award with their 6D-Vision Technology, designed to redefine how one looks at safety in a moving vehicle. The main feature of the new 6D system is an incredible mechanism that utilizes a stereo camera system to recognize possible danger and enable spatial vision in future vehicles.

It can detect possible collision hazards within 200 milliseconds and can recognize pedestrians and moving vehicles. The new technology even measures the direction of motion and speed of objects. The German Future Prize has been in exisitence since 1997 and the winner takes home bragging rights and a cool €250,000 ($360,000).

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