Video: Mercedes SLS AMG Photo Shoot Shows Cinematic Quality

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What happens when you combine a gorgeous German supercar with a pair of racing legends? A terrific photo shoot, that's what.

Mercedes AMG has taken their SLS AMG supercar out for a little bit of photographic fun. The star-studded 'Making of' photo shoot shows the cinematic quality in which Mercedes wants to film their cars. The SLS AMG looks brilliant in both the sun and the (artificial) rain, as film and camera crews descend on it with cameras snapping and film rolling. Michael and Ralph Schumacher appear during the SLS AMG's session and join in on the fun.

The German supercar still steals the show, showing off its complex and intricate doors, awesome design language and photogenic interior and exterior. Enjoy the clip below, showing off the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in ways you have never seen it before.

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