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Video: Meth Fiend Steals Police Cruiser in his Undies

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Stealing a police car in just your undies probably seems like a good move when buzzing on meth

High on hillbilly crack and sporting just a pair of undies, 34-year old drug addict Ryan Elliot Cunningham managed to flee himself from the handcuffs the Blackman-Leoni Township police had only minutes before slapped on him, and take charge of their Chevy Tahoe SUV patrol car. Having slipped through the vehicle's protective screen and into the driver's seat, Cunnigham led several officers on a wild high-speed chase over three county interstates, clocking speeds of up to 120mph.

The Tahoe's dashtop camera caught the entire chase including some eyebrow-raising passes and a fitting finale, where the speeding SUV attempts to thread through two stopped lanes of traffic before crashing into a police blockade. Upon impact, the camera dislodges from its mount, giving us a glimpse of the underdressed felon.

Messing with meth and stealing a police car are acts that should be avoided at all costs, but doing it in just a pair of undies is simply unacceptable. Cunningham is currently facing metamphetamine- and firearm-related charges, auto theft, and fleeing a police officer. Telling the judge that he 'didn't remember much' and that he had 'no intent of hurting people' is admirable but ultimately futile. This man is going down.

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