Video: Mighty Wings - Ford Evos Concept Shows Off its Butterfly Doors

After watching this video, we certainly hope that the Ford Evos concept's butterfly doors will make it to production.

A new video has just been released of the futuristic Ford Evos concept and its awesome butterfly four-door mechanics. The video has arrived a week after the first photos of the Evos were revealed and a week before it makes its debut at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. In addition to the production-possible doors, the Evos features a lithium-ion plug-in hybrid powertrain. An incredible 500-mile range means you won't feel a wild amount of range-anxiety when you step into your brand new Ford.

In addition to the range extending gasoline-EV hybrid mode, a fully-electric mode will also be features. A smart system dubbed the 'cloud' will use a satellite link to determine the best hybrid to EV automatic switching program based on your route, weather, driving habits and more. Check out the star-attraction butterfly doors in the video below.

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