Hill Climb

Video: Millen Family Prepares For Pikes Peak

Both Rod Millen and Rhys Millen know a few things about breaking records at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Rod holds eight class wins and five overall wins, making him one of the all-time standout pros in one of motorsports' most demanding races. Two years ago, Rhys broke his father's record in the Time Attack 2WD class, a title which Rod intends to reclaim this year. Rhys has since turned his attention to claiming an overall victory, although last year did not go so well.

The race has been dominated in recent years by Nobuhiro Tajima and him Unlimited class Suzuki, which set the current record of 10:01.408 in 2007. Rhys seems to think this could be his year though. Enjoy the video.

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