Video: MINI Teaches Us "Manualhood"

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MINI wants to remind us of the importance of "Manualhood" and how it can shape our driving lives.

It's no secret that the art of driving with a manual transmission is fading away fast. Even when I learned to drive almost 15 years ago, manuals were becoming rarer in new cars. Fortunately, there's been resurgence lately in saving the manual, and MINI has just released this funny online video highlighting the joys of manual shifting. Taken from old archive footage of 1950s-era black and white instructional films shown to unfortunate young students, MINI dubbed in fresh dialogue that's both hilarious and refreshing.

It' great to see a modern automaker not only builds their cars with great manuals, but also emphasizes the joy in which it is to use them. Will it make a man out of us? Perhaps, but it's sure to remind everyone of the need for some "Manualhood."

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