Video: Missing Something? Chevy Camaro’s Rear Axle Breaks Off


A rear axle certainly comes in handy when racing, or any sort of driving, for that matter.

Now this is certainly not what anyone expected. Any kind of racing poses a risk, especially when going at high speeds with other cars doing the same. And that's the whole point of car go fast. But what if you can't even make it past 5mph from the starting block? In the case of this Chevy Camaro, it was doomed from the start. A series of serious mechanical failures began immediately when the car's driver lost control and slammed the car against the wall.

While it didn't seem that serious and was likely thought to be driver or a minor mechanical error, it turns out there was more wrong than anyone realized. Neither the driver or his crew didn't properly check the car before the race and didn't look again to see what failed after the first bad start. The result? The Camaro's rear axle snapped off.

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Fortunately no one was hurt, but it was a good thing it happened when it did, otherwise the damage and risk of driver injury would have been significantly greater.