Video: Modified Mercedes-Benz Vito Minivan Runs Nine Second 1/4 Mile


The world's fastest Vito, and possibly minivan, has debuted down under and made light work of a quarter-mile run.

Yesterday we posted a nitrous-powered eighties Ford Bronco from down under clocking a ten-second quarter mile and it seems those bad boy Aussies have been at it again.

A full tilt drag race version of a Mercedes Vito has been built and modified with a full tube chassis, lashings of carbon-fiber, a naturally-aspirated 632ci Big Block Chevy (BBC) engine, full drag race suspension and an appropriately dashing paintjob. As a result of this wonderful piece of Aussie madness, the mental minivan manages an almightily impressive mid-nine second 1/4 mile. Nitrous is apparently on the way and depending on how much they use, you can expect a second to be shaved off that time.

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