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Video: Montenergy’s Official Video of the KTM X-Bow Montecarlo

The KTM X-Bow Montecarlo by Montenergy puts a whole new spin on the motorcycle company’s flagship car.

A new video has been released of Montenergy's KTM X-Bow. Dubbed the Montecarlo, the official video shows the black and orange racer tearing up South Tyrol and maneuvering the treacherous mountain with speed and ease. The Italian aftermarket outfit has given this KTM X-Bow the Stratosferica body kit in order to make the racer appear more like the Lancia Stratos. A 310hp output from its Audi engine and a Dallara carbon fiber chassis ensure that the X-Bow runs powerful and fast.

The aftermarket package runs a cool 12,000 euros. Check out the clip below as the KTM car goes all out on the mountain.

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