Video: More Hybrid Buses in London

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Volvo will supply 300 hybrid buses for an extensive test next year.

London is going to be a much cleaner city if a test of 300 hybrid buses in the British capital will prove successful. Next year Volvo will supply the 7700 hybrid series buses equipped with its advanced i-SAM parallel hybrid system. The buses will be the famous red double-deckers (and they won't be painted green). Traffic for London (TFL), the authority for all transport in London, estimates that it will reduce emissions by at least 30% and will bring a least a 30% reduction in fuel consumption.

Sounds levels will be reduced as well by 3 decibels and emission of other gasses will also be reduced.

Volvo's hybrid technology, known as Parallel Hybrid, is based on a diesel engine that generates electricity which is fed to lithium-ion battery pack. A controller than controls the supply of electricity to an electric motor that propels the bus's wheels. TFL already operates 172 hybrid buses in London.

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