Video: Moron Risks Life for Ultimate Racing Photo

Risking life and limb as a war photographer is one thing, but to shoot a buggy at the Baja 1000? Gimme a break.

Half the fun of being a spectator at a racing meet such as the Baja 1000 is catching a cool shot of a custom race car as they fly by. For most people a side shot will suffice, but not for our friend who decided it would be a good idea to crouch behind a bump in the sand to get a shot of a buggy as it flew overhead. Clearly one sausage roll short of a picnic, this maniac survived the first buggy just clearing his red baseball cap, but caused the second to slam on the brakes and take evasive action.

Other spectators seemed less than impressed by his foolish antics but we're hopeful he at least managed to bag a spectacular snap for his photo album.

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