Video: "Moscow Unlim" Gives Kanye and Jay-Z a Run for their Money

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Smokey Mo goes hard at the drag strip.

Most of you should have seen the Kanye West and Jay-Z video "Otis" where they tear up a Maybach to look cool... err... for charity and drive around with some models. Well, we here at CarBuzz are guessing that this is the Russian version of that, except with all cars intact and looking as fresh as ever. Now, none of us speak Russian but we do have an appreciation for the beauties on display in this video.

Russian rapper Smokey Mo spits out some rhymes while many awesome rides roll by, including a few Lamborghinis, a chopped and slammed supercharged Chevy truck and a Bentley Continental. The video was filmed at our favorite Russian drag race strip and posted by DragTimesInfo, where we get some of our great race videos.

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