Video: Motorcycle Stunt Rider’s Lucky Escape


Spectators get what they paid for as stuntman takes a beating after smashing into oncoming car.

If their being honest, stunt-show spectators secretly wish for things to go horribly wrong, but that's not to say they aren't genuinely shocked when it does. And at the stunt show at the Beto Carrero World theme park in Brazil their hopes and fears were duly fulfilled as a pair of stunt riders go full throttle towards three oncoming compact hatches. Things start of relatively relaxed with a cool burnout display before lining up for an extended wheelie.

The daredevil motorcyclists then take on three oncoming hatchbacks and instead of weaving through them while popping wheelies, a slight misjudgment results in one of the bikers clipping the car.

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For a second the audience contemplates whether the body of the biker spinning through the air for 80 feet, slamming on the ground and rolling a further 40 feet was part of the show. But as medics rush to his assistance, stunned silence follows screams of shock as it's clear this is a stunt gone horribly wrong. Miraculously, muscle pain was the worst of the stuntman's injuries and he was back on his bike the very next day. An event organizer said: "The drivers are professionals who already have more than 10 years' experience and rehearse their maneuvers on a daily basis. They were back at work the following day to do what they love."