Video: Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle II

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The iconic car-on-bike drifting video has a sequel, and it features a red-hot Mustang police car.

Mounted on a pair of Triumph Speed Triples specially built by Roaring Toyz in order for them to travel sideways at speed, Nick 'Apex' Brocha and partner-in-crime Ernie Vigil go for a spot of drifting in the rolling hills of High Plains County. The endless twists, low traffic and perfect asphalt makes this area a drifter's dream. However hot on their tales is Police Officer Dan Brockett in his 550hp Mustang Cobra squad car with the power, speed, and drifting skills to take down these pair of punk outlaws.

Compared to the original battle, which racked up a few million views on YouTube, there's a spot of narrative on the sequel as well as a remote aircraft fitted with a camera handling the aerial shots. Make sure to check out the vehicles' specs at the end of the video.

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