Video: MyFord Touch Simplified for 2013 and Existing Models

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Ford has rectified the problems with its infotainment system for current and future models.

Since its release last year MyFord Touch has received plenty of criticism from consumers and critics alike, who felt its controls were overly complex and its touch-screen interface far too cluttered. Although an obviously advanced and powerful system, bad press seemed to follow it like a bad smell. Ford have thus attempted some spring cleaning and introduced an updated system for 2013 models and offered a free system upgrade on older vehicles.

Used to control climate, entertainment, smartphone, and navigation, the new version has bolder, larger fonts, easier-to-use controls, and faster touch-screen response times, and is set to debut on the 2013 Ford Escape, Flex and Taurus.

Its features have also been expanded to include Apple iPad connectivity, access to audiobooks through touchscreen and voice commands. Improvements to Bluetooth telephone connectivity, an updated map experience and enhanced voice recognition interaction are other highlights of the upgraded system. Find out more via the video link.

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