Video: NASCAR Crash - Kyle Busch Takes Out Ron Hornaday

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Kyle Busch creates another controversy, this time intentionally spinning out Ron Hornaday 14 laps into the WinStar 350 Camping World Truck Series.

We usually don't cover too much NASCAR, however this wreck was too crazy (and incredibly intentional) to not cover. Safety in motorsports needs to be a top priority, not just in terms of competitiveness and racing at very high speeds, but also because we have seen far too often in the past few years several high profile deaths during racing competitions. Kyle Busch decided to throw caution to the wind last weekend, however, letting road rage get the best of him and spinning out Ron Hornaday.

The incident took place on the 14th lap of Friday night's WinStar 350 Camping World Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway.

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Hornaday and Busch were jockeying for position and made slight side-to-side contact leading both trucks to bump into the wall. The caution flag came out, and while the rest of the field slowed down, Busch, in his number 18 truck, sped up and locked into the back of Hornaday's 33 and proceeded to spin him out, sending both trucks crashing into the wall. Busch admitted to intentionally spinning out Hornaday, who was still competing for the NASCAR point's title. A furious Hornaday said after the race "That's just ignorant and stupid. I don't know what you want to call it. He's such a candy-ass. He won't stay around to get a whipping like he's supposed to get. It's a shame."

Hornaday continued his rant, saying "It's not like I did anything wrong. I ran him down from a straightaway. He knew I was faster. I moved up down the straightaway. He had his fit. Left front tire to my right quarter panel, you know you're going to get loose and that's what he meant to do." Busch was suspended for the duration of the race and could face a suspension pending a meeting with NASCAR officials.

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