Video: National Guard Tries (and Fails) to Drive Through a Flood

The National Guard takes on a flood and doesn't win. This video must be seen to be believed.

The New Jersey National Guard was on high alert during Hurricane Irene. Predictably, as some of the worst flooding in a century hit parts of New York, New Jersey, Vermont and other parts of the East Coast. Five overzealous (not to mention brave as hell) members of the NJ National Guard almost drowned trying to save some stranded victims of the flood. On first sight, you would think one would have to be crazy to drive into a flood that is certain to overtake your truck, no matter if it is an army grade vehicle or not.

The LMTV's have a 46-inch fording depth (meaning just under 4 feet!) yet they still barreled into the town nonetheless. They became stuck and needed a rescuing of their own and we have a video showing just that. This footage was shot from a bridge in Manville, NJ.

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