Video: New Acura NSX Hits the Nurburgring

But does it sound like a true supercar?

We already have a very good idea as to what the all-new Acura NSX is going to look like. Our spy photographers recently sent us some very clear images of the new supercar, despite its light camouflage. But now we have some actual video footage of that same prototype running laps around the Nurburgring. With a supposed 400 horsepower on tap thanks to its V6 engine and electric motor combo, the question is whether or not the car sounds like, well, a proper supercar.

Honestly, it doesn’t sound bad, but also nothing all that special. Compare its engine note to that of a Ferrari – even the twin-turbo California T – and you’ll immediately hear the difference. But we’ll wait for final judgment when the NSX has its official debut exactly a year from now.

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