Video: New F12berlinetta Driven by F1 Stars


Ferrari has released a pair of videos, adding more light to their latest creation.

Representing the dawn of a new Ferrari era, boasting the most powerful Ferrari engine ever to be mounted to a production road car, and with an external design that combines certain of Ferrari's classic features with its most advanced aerodynamic solutions, the new F12berlinetta is deservedly the talk of the automotive world right now. With these new videos, Ferrari is giving their new baby some more airtime prior to its first public outing at next week's Geneva Motor Show.

The first video is simply a CGI presentation, providing a virtual trip both inside and outside the vehicle. Here we get the chance to enjoy the beautifully sculpted lines of this masterpiece and check out the top-notch finishing of the cabin and elegant electronic instrumentation.

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And the second shows the new 730hp V12 supercar heavily disguised while undergoing testing, with Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa documenting their experience behind the wheel live through a headset.