Video: Nissan GT-R Can't Win in the Water

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Water is a Nissan's worst enemy.

The last time we saw a Nissan GT-R, it was partaking in an 11-way drag race with the likes of a Lotus Evora, Audi R8 GT, Corvette Z06, etc. Not only did the GT-R win the race, but it won in decisive fashion. The Nissan has recently become a favorite of racers and several can usually be spotted at local race tracks. Well, after a long day at the ADAC Masters races at the TT-Circuit in the Netherlands, a GT-R was found taking a bath by the side of the road.

The video shows the extraction of the Japanese speedster from its watery pit. Towards the end pay close attention to the GT-R's rear, as it has accumulated quite a bit of mud, grass and plant debris for a (very) gurgled exhaust. Anyone know how to say in Dutch 'you can't go fast in water, bro.'?

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