Video: Nissan GT-R Escapes Drag Race Disaster

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Seconds after a wheel-spinning start, one Nissan GT-R driver has to act superfast to avoid a serious smashup.

When watching supercars go full out down a drag strip, it's easy to forgot how dangerous it can be. This video acts as a gentle reminder and also demonstrates how quickly things can go wrong.

What we have here are two Nissan GT-Rs ready to stretch their legs down a strip; however for the driver on the right only seconds after the lights go green, he is having to draw on all his expertise to avoid sending his spinning supercar-killer into the cement wall on the right and then reign in the Godzilla from smashing into the wall on the left. By the grace of god, or just good luck, there are literally millimeters separating the GT-R from impact on more than one occasion. So the next time you check out a drag race, bear in mind that it can go wrong very quickly and high speed crashes are part of the risks involved. Luckily such a fate was avoided, this time.

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