Video: Not Your Ordinary Taxi Service

So you go for a stick of gum and end up in a Ferrari. Not a bad day.

When you go to grab a cab, the normal vehicle you'd expect would be something like a Ford Crown Vic, Chevy Impala, etc. What you likely wouldn't expect to find is a Ferrari F430 Spider and a Porsche Panamera. For some citizens of Guadalajara, Mexico, they were able to experience the taxi cab drive of a lifetime in each of these cars. Behind the wheel were professional drivers who knew exactly how to weave their way through traffic and to give their passengers quite a thrill ride.

The whole thing was a part of a marketing campaign for Trident Twist gum, so the next time you see people handing out fliers promoting Trident, take a look around for a Ferrari or Porsche. Hey, you never know.

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