Video: On Fire Lamborghini Gallardo Takes the Targa High Country Win

Tasmanian Jason White doesn’t let a fire derail his desire to win the Targa High Country race in his Lamborghini Gallardo.

Jason White just won the Targa High Country race in Australia in epic fashion. The Tasmanian pushed his $600,000 Lamborghini Gallardo to the brink in a bid to win the championship after it had caught on fire. In truly Aussie fashion, he remarked of his incredible win "It was on fire from about the half way mark, but we thought it was best to get up to the finish where there were more fire extinguishers, rather than trying to put it out with ours."

White continued "And obviously there was a win at stake so we just pushed on." Obviously that was the right call in this situation. He finished outside the Mt. Buller fire station just in time to save his Italian supercar. See the on-fire Lambo in action in the clip below.

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