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Video: One-Off Ferrari Superamerica 45

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Based off the Ferrari 599, the Italian automaker has just released pictures and details of their new one-off roadster, the Superamerica 45. Built by Ferrari's Special Projects division, it was commissioned by American property mogul Peter Kalikow and had its debut at this year's Villa d'Este Concorso d'Eleganza in Italy. What makes this Ferrari extremely unique is its rotating hardtop, which comprises of a moveable roof panel that's mounted on hinge along its trailing edge.

This allows it to be rotated 180 degrees backwards until it lies securely on the rear deck. This is also the same design used by the last Superamerica roadster, the 575M. That car, if you recall, had a glass roof panel, whereas the new model's roof is made from carbon fiber. Further customization work includes a carbon fiber decklid for the roof, two "flying buttresses" that are lower and flatter than those found on the 599 GTO, and a chromed egg crate grille. Painted in bright blue, there's also a darker blue shade that covers the roof, rocker panels, rear diffuser, front spoiler, and the carbon fiber trim.

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The color choice was no coincidence, as Kalikow already owns a 1961 Ferrari 400 Superamerica in the same colors. Additionally, the Superamerica 45's wing mirrors, A-pillars, and door handles are finished in brushed aluminum. Nor Ferrari or Kalikow revealed what the total cost came to.