Video: Opel Brings Wall Down in Style

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In the midst of a classy event such as the Tokyo Motor Show, we bring you this.

First up, we wish this video had been better edited, but such is life. At eight minutes it's a tad on the long side, so be advised to skip the first four-and-a-half minutes or so. What you'll discover is that, as there's literally nothing to do for fun in some parts of Eastern Europe, the locals are forced to invent new forms of entertainment. In this case, the stars of the show are an Opel Corsa (not an Astra as the video's title implies), a large brick wall, and a gang of jokers.

The go-faster-silver stripes are doubtless designed to give the Corsa a manly look, but clearly they have failed. The Opel owner's buddies were only going to be impressed by the baby hatch if it was successful in bringing down a thirty foot wall.

Watch on and don't consider whether the wall needed to come down or not. Instead, keep it in mind to reconsider investing in a wrecking ball or demolition crew the next time you need a wall dealt with. There's a good chance your car will be more than capable.

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