Video: Pair of Lamborghini Aventadors Offload from an Airplane

Watch closely for clues as two Aventadors are carefully offloaded. Any guesses who they’re for?

As the pair of sexy Lambos get offloaded from the airplane, having travelled first class no doubt, one starts to ponder as to who will be taking ownership: Could they be set for a couple of brazen bankers, or are they being delivered to some A-list Hollywood celebrities in need of a not-so-cheap thrill? Well, a big clue lies in the paintjob of the first Aventador to alight the aircraft, as its distinctive Turquoise-metal finish is the exact same color preferred by Qatar's Al-Thani Royal Family.

This suggests that these Italian beauties are destined to line up nicely beside their vast collection of oddly colored supercars. We could be wrong of course, but that would be a first.

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