Video: Paying to Crush a Barn with a Tank is Money Well Spent

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There's no indication this is part of the whole driving a tank experience, but running over a car certainly is.

As the name suggests, 'Drive-a-Tank' in Minnesota is where people, well, come and drive a tank around a scenic wooded course. You would hope the fun doesn't end there and you'd be right.

For a few hundred bucks as well as taking charge of an old British tank such as an Abbott or FV432 APC for a couple of hours, you can also opt to drive over a car or two. If you're going to make the effort to take the reins of a 120,000-pound Chieftain Main Battle Tank it would be remiss of you not to cause some damage, right? Whether for the sheer thrill of getting behind a once feared battle machine or to let off some pent up steam, you don't need an excuse for wanting to make mincemeat of a car, or as the video shows, destroy a barn. The urge is primeval and universal.

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