Video: Peugeot EX-1 Breaks Record on Nurburgring

Peugeot made history on April 27, 2011, when for the first time the it set an official lap record on the Nordschleife race track. A special feature of this feat is that Peugeot established an electric speed record with a concept model, the EX1 design study, which was first presented at last year's Paris Motor Show. With driver Stéphane Caillet in the driver's seat, the EX1 completed a lap around the Nurburgring in 9 minutes and 1.338 seconds.

The previous record holder was the Mini E Racer, which ran the lap's 12.9 miles last year in just 9 minutes and 51.45 seconds. The record set by the EX1 was formally recognized by WIGE Performance, the official time-keeping body for the Nordschleife.

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