Video: Pikes Peak Porsche GT3 Out for a Run

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Most car lovers would enjoy watching a Porsche 911 go out and get dirty during a day of fun. Well that's exactly what we saw Jeff Zwart doing with his Pikes Peak winning GT3. To our delight, Zwart has just released a video of one of his shake-down runs prior to this year's Pikes Peak event. The course runs up some intimidating and challenging mountains in the middle of California's untamed wilderness.

Throughout the clip, we see Zwart really get into the zone with the car and the surroundings. Turns out that Jeff has run Pikes Peak for 12 years in nine different Porsches, and he has been lucky enough to come back with seven class championships. We've also learned that he is planning on heading back to Pikes Peak this year in his Porsche Motorsport North America prepped 997 GT3 Cup car. Outside of driving, Jeff is also known for producing several automotive commercials for North America, including the Porsche Family Tree campaign.

Enjoy the clip!

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