Video: Polo Envy – The Veyron SS Gets Outclassed by an Old VW

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The Bugatti Veyron SS puts out an incredible 1,184hp. This particular Volkswagen Polo puts out an astonishing 1,200hp.

The second generation Volkswagen Polo ran from 1981-1990 (until 1994 if you count the facelift) and isn't necessarily a car that would keep your attention for more than a few seconds. This AME R31 Turbo Polo, however, will leave you shell-shocked as it blasts off the line. This video depicts probably the most powerful Polo in the world, showing it run the quarter-mile in an incredibly swift 8.8 seconds. The Bugatti Veyron SS can only run the same distance in 9.7 seconds.

It runs on a turbocharged VR6 24-valve 3.1-liter engine. Its light weight of only 970lbs also helps it achieve a tremendous jump off the line. The pocket-rocket Polo runs on an all-wheel-drive configuration. The Volkswagen Polo seen here ran at an airfield earlier this year and hit a top speed of 166.5mph. It was built by AME Racing.

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