Video: Porsche 962 Arrives at 60 Years of Porsche in Australia

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Tomas Mezera drives one of the greatest racecars in Porsche history after a 20-year separation.

Porsche is celebrating 60 long and glorious years in Australia. The year-long celebration features many different iconic Porsche cars flown in specifically for the event down under. Tomas Mezera reprises his role during the celebration as pilot of the Porsche 962. The racecar was the dominant endurance vehicle of the 1980s and its twin-turbo six-cylinder engine led German racing teams to many victories.

10 world championships and 6 Le Mans titles later, it's easy to see why Porsche would want to show off its illustrious model all over the world. The video also shows racing champ and instructor Tomas Mezera zooming around in this classic sports car. At its peak, it was the faster car ever recorded at that time at the Le Mans track. Another car in Porsche's Museum on Wheels is a Holden racecar. Mezera waxes poetic about his dream machine and how it was so much smoother and faster than any other car he has ever driven at high speeds.

Check out the video to see Mezera in action after a 20-year lull in his relationship with the ethereal Porsche 962.

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