Video: Porsche Everyday Magic

Porsche has just released two great promo videos as part of their 'Everyday Magic' marketing series.

Several automakers (like Toyota and Kia) are going all out with their newest advertising campaigns, with money obviously not an object to produce an elaborate campaign. Porsche has decided to go a completely different route with their marketing videos, interviewing and filming Porsche owners as part of their 'Everyday Magic' media blitz. The first video shows you don't have to digitally create hamsters or elaborately produce a person made of many people to produce a cute and hilarious video clip.

The video features a 911 owner with his daughter while they have a familial discussion on where the engine is.

The second clip shows a multi-talented Porsche owner who loves everything from building horseshoes, MMA and her 100lb dog. Her Porsche Cayman allows her to travel to the beach and perform all her favorite mainstream-at-this-moment hobbies while looking good in her mid-engine German sports car.

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