Video: Porsche’s Latest 911 Even More Up-Close (with some Scottish charm)


Kirk: I need more power! Scotty: I'm giving it all she's got!

We've always been suckers for the Porsche 911. Sure, its design isn't for everyone. And yes, there are plenty of prettier sports cars out there. But none truly capture the essence and, perhaps most importantly, the utter evolutionary perfection of the 911. Now that Porsche has unveiled both the coupe and Cabrio versions of the 991 generation, it's become clear that the German automaker has once again managed to perfect perfection.

And in this new video released by Porsche, Gordon Robertson, Chief Porsche Driving Consultant, takes the new 911 out for a spin.

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We were already quite impressed with the new car's standard 350hp 3.4-liter flat-six and the 3.8-liter with 400hp in the Carrera S, but just hearing it all once again from Robertson makes us want one even more. But to be honest, our favorite part about the video was his Scottish accent. Just picture him asking Porsche engineers that it needs "more power."