Video: Prius Family is Diverse, a Bit Creepy and Cool

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The Prius Family is looking alive and well in this new commercial from the Japanese automaker.

Toyota and marketing firm Saatchi & Saatchi have teamed up to create a giant man out of little people. The little people drive Prii. Does that mean that only little people love Prii? While the storyline may not make the most sense (or we are looking too far into a simple commercial), the new ad campaign to promote the whole Toyota family is off and running. The commercial shows the giant go about his suburban morning routine before embarking off to work.

As he heads outside, he dissembles and the various people go into their various Prii and drive off. We here at CarBuzz can't relate, as our morning routine more closely resembles the opening montage of the movie 40 Year Old Virgin.

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