Video: RACENU Ablaze in the Burnout Competition at Springnats 2011

Sometimes you gotta burn the tires until you burn your car in a bid for greatness and glory at Springnats.

Jason McIntosh went all out in his bid to win the burnout competition at Springnats 2011. RACENU destroyed the tires and disappeared beyond a huge cloud of smoke, only stopping when a fire erupted in the rear of the car.

Quoting YouTube user blownhemi (who uploaded the video), "I can tell you there were some nervous people along the fence when it caught fire. I actually moved away from the camera when the back end was pointed straight at me and on fire. The flames were pretty intense. Might have to start wearing a fire suit." Jason McIntosh didn't take the win, but for his valiant effort we give him serious props for keeping the burnout going for so long.

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