Video: Rare Excellence - BMW M1 AHG Package Spotted at C&C Irvine


A very rare M1 was recently seen and filmed at Cars and Coffee Irvine.

Cars and Coffee events are usually great places to see some new and classic sports cars and supercars from all around. The recent event in Irvine, California, saw a very rare BMW M1 arrive complete with the powerful AHG Package.

This is one of only ten BMW M1s to receive the AHG Package. As the author states, "The M1 was a limited production car with only 455 built from 1979 to 1981. This particular car is 1 of 10 that received the AHG package. The AHG/BMW Motorsports Division president Peter Gartemann list(s) the modifications as follows: The 3.5 Liter 277 HP was upgraded to 350 HP, racing clutch, special exhaust, front spoiler, wider front and rear fenders, side skirts, special rear wing, adjustable height racing, suspension, 3 piece BBS wheels and full leather seats were added." A rare Bimmer with added power is always a welcome sight.

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