Video: Red Bull Racing Takes Over the Streets of Milton Keynes, UK

Red Bull is continuing their F1-winning celebrations in the UK with a demo for their loyal British fan base.

About 60,000 spectators lined the streets of Milton Keynes, England, to celebrate Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel's Formula One championship this year. Vettel and 7-time GP winner Mark Webber drove their racers through the city's streets to thunderous applause. David Coulthard was also on hand in his NASCAR racer along with Red Bull stunt rider Chris Pfeiffer. The event was titled 'The Red Bull Racing Home Run' and paid tribute to everyone who supported the British-based team on their endeavors.

Event-goers also had the chance to view the Infiniti FX Sebastian Vettel Version concept along with Infiniti's RB7 liveried Formula One pace car, the FX30ds. Check out the clip below to see the team in action and more footage from the event.

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